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Child Death Review

Children are not supposed to die. The death of a child is a great loss to family, friends and community and often represents unjust sufferings and unfulfilled promises. Understanding the circumstances causing a child’s death is one way to make sense of the tragedy and may help to prevent other deaths of children. A child’s death is a sentinel event and can be a marker in a community of the health and safety of children. Efforts to understand the entire spectrum of factors that lead to a death may help prevent other deaths, poor health outcomes, injury or disability in other children.

Child Death Review (CDR) is a process that works to understand child deaths in order to prevent harm to other children. It is a collaborative process that brings people together at a state or local level, from multiple disciplines, to share and discuss comprehensive information on the circumstances leading to the death of a child and the response to that death. These reviews can lead to action to prevent other deaths locally, at a state level and nationally.