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Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

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In response to the outpouring of volunteer support in the days following September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush created the USA Freedom Corp. That national initiative is made up of several components among them AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and Citizen Corps. The Medical Reserve Corps, MRC, is a component of the Citizen corps that best utilizes volunteers with a medical background. The Pike County Medical Reserve Corps was created as a joint venture of the Pike County Health Department and the Pike County Emergency Management in 2006. The MRC allows people who want to volunteer during emergencies the ability to be pre-trained and credentialed before an emergency occurs. Pike County MRC volunteers have been used in Tetanus clinics following flooding, during emergency preparedness exercises such as large scale drive thru flu shot clinics, and shelter operations. Volunteers have also been involved in public health initiatives that have involved getting children active in Pike County. These activities include the longest day of play, and community pool parties.

In the event of a large scale public health emergency such as pandemic influenza, or bio-terrorism public health will need a large number of volunteers to help support our efforts to restore the community to normalcy. Regardless of your background, medical, retired medical, or non medical, residents of Pike County are greatly needed to volunteer their time and skills in the event of a disaster or other public health emergency.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience that offers a sense of purpose, a benefit to the community and an opportunity to meet new people. As a volunteer, you will be able to work directly with public health, emergency management and other agencies to help meet the needs of the community in a disaster, emergency event, or community education setting. Volunteers are provided information on MRC TRAIN, our training management system that provides CEU’s for many of the trainings on the website, as well as opportunities to get additional training and education.

To assist local health departments in organizing their volunteer efforts, the Kentucky Department for Public Health has created K HELPS, the Kentucky Health Emergency Listing of Professionals for Surge program. K HELPS is a state-based system to register individuals interested in volunteering during public health emergencies or disasters. The K HELPS system also allows the ability to contact volunteers by e-mail, telephone or both in the event they are needed to respond to an emergency.

Volunteers are required to register with K HELPS online. Registrants should first select MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) Organizations and then check the Northern Kentucky MRC from the list of all MRC units in Kentucky. You will be asked to create your own user account. All information provided will be kept confidential. Volunteer information will only be available to the volunteer and the approving.

The Pike County MRC unit will verify the credentials of the volunteer (if applicable), complete the approval process and then provide orientation, training and provide volunteers with informational updates on a regular basis.

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