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Vital Statistics

Rebecca Williams

Do you need a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage license, or divorce record? Kentucky's Vital Statistics Law, enacted by the General Assembly in 1910, provides for and legalizes the registration of births and deaths. The Office of Vital Statistics does not have records of births or deaths prior to 1911, except delayed records of births for those born before 1911 which have been established by affidavits and documentary evidence. Central registration of marriages and divorces began in Kentucky in June 1958. The Office of Vital Statistics does not have records of marriages or divorces prior to 1958.

Mail-in request
You may download a printable application by clicking the appropriate link below. For more information please visit the Cabinet for Health and Family Services website at the following address: link).

Certificate of Birth

Certificate of Death

These applications may also be picked up from our Pikeville office. Mail-in requests can take up to 30 days to receive and should be sent to: Vital Statistics, 275 East Main St 1E-A, Frankfort, KY 40621.

You may walk in to the Frankfort office and your request will be processed within an hour. A cheque or money-order is required at the time of your visit.

You may request certificates by calling 1.800.241.8322 and choosing Option 1. To use the call-in feature you must possess a major credit card. There is an extra charge for using the telephone service. The average processing time for a telephone order is four to five days in addition to postal delivery time.

You may access vital records from all 50 states visiting the VitalChek website at link). There is an additional charge for this service.

Verification of birth
A verification of birth may be obtained from our Pikeville location. There is a $5 charge for this service. A verification of birth can only be used for government housing, employment and some insurances. These will not be accepted for school, a driver's license or as identification.